Other Service

By selling properties mostly to foreigners , there comes some essential services to be provided to purchasers like :

* Paperworks : We organize the land registry procedure , staying permission in Turkey , municipality declarations , bank account creations , water-electricity-internet- telephone subscriptions .

* Resales : We help our clients to resell their properties in Turkey if they have bought it from us .

* Insurance : We help our customers to have the best and cheapest insurance for the health and property by collecting proposals from different Insurance Companies .

* Periodic Control ( home care ) : In case of request we may periodically control and aerate the property of our clients .

* Health Care : We help our customer to register their address and id information to the best local hospital and this provides not to have any language problem in case of emergency .

* Car Rental : In case of request we organize rental cars for our customers from the legal , insured and authorized Car Rental Companies.

* Rental Service : When one of customers need to rent or rent out , we help him/her to do it and follow the essential procedure up for them like key delivery , cleaning , delivery control etc.

* Bill Payments : As buying property in a foreign country , some of our customers may need to have some assistance for paying the bills and the house taxes so in this case we do it too.

* Sightseeing Tours : In case of request we organize tours to different places of our country by authorized and licensed travel agencies or we advice how to do it .

We are aware of necessities and difficulties of buying property in a foreign country so we do our best to provide a comfortable life in Turkey , we are open for other services which may not listed above .

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