How Can I Start a Business in Turkey

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How to register in Turkey
Foreign enterprisers who want to open a business in Turkey are required to complete a few steps before starting operating. These steps consist of:

  • Choosing the type of company they want to establish and have the incorporation of documents drafted and notarized in accordan with the Companies Law ;
  • openappointments or managers; as prescribed by the legislation;submitobtain Documents needed
  • One of the most important steps in Turkey . The main sets of documents which need to be drafted and notarized is the Articles of Association which need to containers.
  • Payment of all the details of the Shareholders – their names, their places of residence, their Contribution to the share capital of the company and the number of shares They own in the business.

The Articles of Association must also containers.Payment the information about the Managers of the Company, including their name, the way in which they are appointed and can be Revoked and their duties and obligations.

The same document must state was blown away by the Turkish company’s trade name , its address in this country and a description of the object of activity. The articles of the Association may also include other clauses.

Shareholders in a company in Turkey
The Shareholders are the founders of the company, or better said the owners of the business. These can be natural persons or companies.

The minimum number of Shareholders of a Turkish Company can have is one in both private and public companies. These can be Turkish citizens or residents; However, foreigners can also act as foreigners.

One of the most important functions of business in Turkey. Based on their contributions. The biggest advantage of the company is the liability of the company.

In the case of partners.

Company management in Turkey
One of the most important roles in a Turkish company is taken on by the Managers of a Company. The shareholders are required to appoint at least one company director in the case of a private company. A board of managers must ensure the management of a public company in Turkey. The same type of company must have at least one auditor appointed. In the case of private companies, the auditor will be an independent one and will be called only when the financial documents of the business need to be audited.

It should be noted that no matter the type of company, at least one of the shareholders must be a company director.

The manager role can also be fulfilled by another company with the conditions that it appoints a natural person as a company representative.

How to open a company in Turkey?
Opening a company in Turkey is not expensive, however, the business owner must consider the company registration fees, the notary fees and the honorary of the Turkish Law Firm handling the procedure (if one is appointed).

How long does it take?
It takes about three weeks to set up a company in Turkey . The procedure takes longer.

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