Citizenship in Turkey

Our company Saray Homes has an expert experience in the selection of properties for investment in obtaining Turkish citizenship and the processing of documents for this.

According to the Citizenship Law in Turkey, from June 14, 2022 you can apply for Turkish citizenship when buying real estate in the amount of $400,000.

It is necessary to prepare documents:

  • confirmation of marriage with an apostille (if the whole family is applying for citizenship);
  • birth certificate with an apostille;
  • certificate of non-conviction with an apostille;
  • a certificate from the cadastral office stating that it meets the conditions under the law on investments (issued with our help);
  • we submit an application and a package of documents for obtaining and receiving a kamet (a residence permit for obtaining citizenship);
  • after receiving the ikamet, we submit documents to the relevant state service and within about 2 months we receive a notification about the issuance of Turkish citizenship to the applicant.

Also linked to other Turkish citizenship cases:

  • by birth;
  • opening a bank deposit;
  • opening a business;
  • for work permit (continuously for 5 years of official work in Turkey);
  • engagement;
  • by tapu (on the basis of a residence permit of the property for 5 years);
  • purchase of bonds and securities.

For detailed information regarding the acquisition of real estate and obtaining citizenship in Turkey, don’t hesitate contact our specialists who will be happy to advise you and help you find the best solution.

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