Here is the brand new pearl on the beach from Yekta Homes! 
New development, new architecture, new style and design, luxurious and exclusive - constructed by the high standard and quality,whichis characteristic of all Yekta Homes’ developments. 
Yekta Homes is proud to introduce to you Yekta Queen Residence - a luxury residential development, with a privileged beachfront location. From here there is a spectacular and endless view of the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy the amazing play of colors from the sea and the sky, from dark blue before sunrise, in the daytime the green and turquoise, and ending in the evening with a breathtaking fiery red or golden sunset. The view towards the magnificent Taurus Mountains, city of Alanya and Alanya Castle, is not less fascinating. 

This residential complex is situated beachfront, east of the vibrant resort city of Alanya. Here areendless beaches, mountains and green forests, and pleasant atmosphere - whichensure that your staywill be an exceptional experience. 

The construction of Yekta Queen Residence will be conducted using the most advanced and modern technology in the construction industry, and with environmentally sound construction materials. The development offers cozy one bedroom apartments, comfortable and spacious two bedroom apartments, as well as luxurious and unique penthouse apartments containing two or three bedrooms. All apartments are beautiful, with roomy layout and exquisite design. 
Yekta Queen is architecturally designed to maximize the magnificent views from all apartments. To achieve the ultimate experience of the sea views, the south facing living rooms willhave panoramic windows from ceiling to floor. This view can also be enjoyed from the Jacuzzi’s in three bedroom penthouses. 

To cover the residents need to be active, or unwind and pamper themselves, there is going to be a rich variety of amenities in Yekta Queen. You can snuggle up in the green and flourishing garden with pavilions for rest and tranquility, and enjoy the large swimming pool while the kids play on the playground or rejoice on the waterslides. Our resident’s safety is important to us, and features an underpass to the beach, security cameras and personnel living on the site. 

Yekta Queen Residence - for those seeking a luxurious life! 

If your dream is to enjoy the modern and relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, you have found the right place. We make your dreams come true! 
Building specifications: 
 1 block: 12 story  Bedrooms: 1, 2 or 3  Bathrooms: 1, 2 or 3  Balconies/terraces: 1, 2, 3 or 4  Sizes: 86,90 m2 – 264,20 m2 

1 + 1 Apartments: 
- 86,90 m2 (East) Living room with open kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom and two balconies . 

2 + 1 Apartments: 
- 130 m2 (Southwest and South East) Hall, large living room with open kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two balconies. 

- 113,10 m2 (West) Hall, living room with open kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two balconies. 

- 264,20 m2 - 3 + 1 (South East) First floor contains hall, three bedrooms (one with panoramic windows ), two dressing rooms, three bathrooms and a large, curved balcony. Second floor contai ns a large living room with open kitchen , toilet, sauna, Jacuzzi , a large curved roof terrace of 59, 70 m 2 . Elevator stops on both floors . 

- 254,50 m2 - 3 + 1 (Southwest) First floor contains hall, three bedrooms (one with panoramic windows ), two dressing rooms, three bathrooms and a large, curved balcony. Second floor contains a large living room with open kitchen , toilet, sauna, Jacuzzi , a large curved roof terrace of 50 m 2 .Elevator stops on both floors . 

- 199,40 m2 - 3 + 1 (West) First floor contains hall, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and three balconies. Second floor contains a large living room with open kitchen , toilet, sauna, Jacuzzi , a large corner terrace of 42,50 m 2 .Elevator stops on both floors . 

- 169,50 m2 - 2 + 1 (East) First floor contains hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two balconies. Second floor contains a large living room with open kitchen , toilet, and a large cornerterrace of 42,50 m 2 . Elevator stops on both floors . 

Details of the complex: 
 Beautiful landscaped garden with tropical flowers and trees  Pavilion for relaxation and rest  Large outdoor swimming pool (224 m2) with secure zone for children  Waterslide  Heated indoor swimming pool  Playground for children  BBQ  Turkish Bath (Hamam)  Sauna  Fitness center  Wireless internet throughout the complex  Electric water heater  24/7 security and video surveillance  Power generator  Central TV satellite system  Underpass to the beach  Private pier on the beach  Double glazed PVC windows and doors  Panoramic windows from ceiling to floor  Floor heating in the bathrooms  Jacuzzi with sea view from the penthouses  Exquisite design  Beautiful and roomy layout  Underground parking for 15 apartments, 10 000 € option until start of construction 

Payment plan:  05 % - down payment  30 % - 10 days after signed contract  30 % - 2 months after first payment  30 % - 2 months after second payment  05 % - by end of the Project 

Buying a property is always challenging, and purchasing abroad can be particularly so. Accordingly, in the following section we have tried to anticipate your questions aboutbuying in Turkey. Please find below, information regarding the quality of the construction, purchasing contracts, and overall the maintenance and management of thecomplex. Floor plans shown on the website correspond to the originals, and are drawn toscale. During the building process, some plans may be subject to small modifications thatwill not affect the statutory rights of the buyer. 

The developer reserves the right tochange some of the materials as a result of product innovation. During the execution ofthe building, license specialists will methodically check, on-site, the conformity of theconstruction with Turkish building standards and regulations. Pipes, cables and conduitsare concealed in the walls and under the floors. The complex is fully connected tonational water and electricity networks. Surface water drains and sewers are connectedto the public 
sewers. Personalization of the apartments will be possible following approvalfrom the architect and project team. It is also possible to buy adjoining apartments andmerge them in one. 

CONSTRUCTION PROCESS: Construction period starts after Private Inspection Company makes their inspections forthe ground. The static plans are preparing according to the results of the inspections.After this, plans are approving by the municipalities and permission to build theconstruction is given to the constructor. On every step the construction is inspected bythe inspectors. They are taking samples from each concrete and iron truck that isentering to the construction field. After completion of the building this inspectioncompany gives 2 years guarantee for the building. After finishing the project YektaHomes Real Estate will help to establish Homeowners Association and supply the workersfor the buildings. 

Floors: Floors will be made with reinforced concrete and will have 32 cm thickness.Surface of the floors will be tiled with light color ceramic. These tiles will be selectedfrom the first quality catalogue among the best brands in Turkey. 

Walls: Both inner and outer walls will be constructed by sound and heat resistancehollow bricks. All the insides walls are covered with cement first and then with plastercovering. 

Windows, doors and outer casings: Windows, outer doors and casings will be PVCwith a metal frames inside and will be built among the selection of best brands. Thethickness will be 70mm for the windows and doors. All the doors and windows will bedouble opening system. Windows will be double glazed for isolation. 

Kitchen: Kitchen equipment is white and high glazed. Kitchencounter will be made of Marble or Granite. On the wall between the upper and lowercloset, there will be small tiles. 

Bathroom: All sanitary places will be fully tiled with light color marble motive ceramic.There will be a shower cabinet with tempered glass in the bathroom. The bathrooms willhave built-in hanging closet. There will be combined closets with mirror, washbasin andshelves for your towels. Ceiling of the bathroom will be made of waterproof plasterpanels and fitted spotlights. 

Stairs: stairs will be covered with Marble. The railways both on the balconies and on thestairs will be made. 

Sub Systems (Electric and water): All electric and water products that will be usedwill have the TSE sign - which means qualified from the tests of Turkish Quality Institute.All the rooms and terraces will have phone lines and TV sockets. In the terrace there willbe a water tap for cleaning. Water pipes will be plastic and high density. 

Insurance: During the construction period all the risks and losses belong to thecontractor company. All the risks will be transferred to the purchaser straight after thedelivery of the apartment keys.



1.521.612 TL

  • For Sale -
  • Property / Apartments (In Complex)
No Ads:124
Region:Alanya / Mahmutlar
Kind:Property / Apartments (In Complex)
Status:For Sale
Room / Lounge:2+1
Bath / Balcony:2 / 2
Square Meter:113 m2
Heating Type:Air Conditioner / Ac
Fuel Type:With Electric
Buildings Condition:Null
Use Case:Empty
Floor Location:2
Land Status:Land
Near To City Center50M
Near To Airport130KM/30KM
Near To Shopping Center50M
Near The Bus Station50M

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