Mustafa Celik, our CEO meeting with the Turkish Ambassador in the Baghdad Real Estate Expo 2019!

As a surprise, Mustafa Celik, Saray Homes CEO, had a surprise visit from the Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad Iraq during the 2019 Iraq Real Estate Exhibition. With Flare and Colour, Mustafa Celik proudly represented both his company and his country and showed his expertise in Real Estate Investment and Property knowledge. Being proud of both achievements, the diplomat was happy to see a familiar face and they both shared conversation on the development of Turkey's foreign investments and how positive the outlook is for investors wanting to purchase property in Alanya and other regions in Turkey. 

We are all very proud of Mustafa and wish him well throughout his campaign during the exhibition. 

The aim and target is not to just show that we know all there is about Real Estate, but to market the incentives of the lifestyle and quality of life Alanya has to offer compared to any other city in the world. 

Saray Homes Family