I wrote a letter to Hasan'a Ha Sana

I want to start by commemorating the great master, the late Abdürrahim Karakoç
. Thanks to him, I made more
peace with the words . The journey to the spiritual climate and to the society we belong to got
a little deeper in every reading and increased its influence. I started to read the deceased in high school.
It was the Fifth Season. I always
stayed in the fifth season because I was open to change . So I learned to put more meaning into words.
I'm going to say a very bad word with a good word makes me more comfortable.
Sometimes it goes beyond what is present, dragging people deep within the spiritual realm.
When you're stuck in the fifth season, you can always live the 25th hour and warm up with the flickering flame.

What can be more natural to the man who pleads for you from outside, who is mischievous, and that is against him .
The money learned by the man who does not drink money in the last
layer of the last layer of tobacco in his hand and take out the tobacco, counted as counted and the submission to the negligence of the
man who want to tell him the power to tell the stakes of the lessons learned from him learned from him.
recalled that he was inherited from the grandfather of the court, not the lengthened case when he told the judge about the unending cases .
Let's never get into Mihriban. Let it be another spring. But if there is a Mihriban inside you look good, do not
get hurt.
Speaking of hurt, living the life of the grave that we hear the word of the grave we heard him.
He described the subtleties of life. If we can't solve it, he sent it to these things.
We know what wrists like this, he says, he has hit two birds with one stone. He made the
ball fit with these buzzes while fitting the words into the vowel harmony and he explained that they knew and managed everything.
In old times, people went to each other and they
spent time talking in the absence of something called TV . Humiliated people
who make good speeches in the memorandum of the story of the story of the oldest recounting the story of the
squeezing of the words between myself in the words of a meramı between the words fit.
Explain the adventure of a nation with an ancient history that has never finished . A journey from China to the Adriatic. Africa
Descend from the deserts to Siberia's border. To spread the Od'u Jihana you received from January in Horasan.
It's fire, Cihana, you get enlightened with me and you get hot, one day you will be mine.
When spoken in such a large area of ​​Turkish, of course, when it
came into contact with other languages, it has been inevitably under influence. It has also left something to the places where we interact.
Our esteemed philosopher, the late Karakoc, used the glory of words as he described the events in a plain manner. In addition to reading many poems, the song is said to be Turk.
The masters die, the pen on the paper, my love for my love does not end.
Let us end with the last letter of the first letter that the author wrote to Hasan.
You're going to have a lot of insects.
All of the rootstock fishes
turtles Kavaklara turtle perches!
Yörük plateau is filled with the Gypsum