What is the buying procedure in Turkey?

Title Deed Procedures

Turkey is in great demand in International Real Estate Business as one of the most attractive investment areas. Turkey's special position of world geography and intensively perceiving natural beauties, with the lure of the human and economic terms, the integration with the global economy, convenience brought by the new legislation and regulations, relations with the European Union are the first causes of this interest.

Considerable numbers of buyers from Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Arab's countrys have acquired property along the southern coast. Scandinavians and Germans are mainly living in and around Alanya.
Title deed procedures differs for Turkish Citizens and foreign nationals.

 For Turkish citizens; Seller or Seller and buyer need to apply Title Deed Office in the morning times. After the application, a text message(SMS) comes from Deed Office, that directs Buyer and Seller to deposit the stated tuition fee to Halk Bankasi and bring the receipt to the appointed officer at the Title Deed Office again. In order to complete application seller and buyer needs to complete the deficiencies under the guidance of the officer and title deed transfer is performed.

Application procedures differs for foreign real persons. 
The Seller applies,’Title Deed Office’(TAPU Müdürlüğü) with a written petition asking for preperation of ‘Certificate of Permission of Selling’ from Aegean Army Command(Ege Ordu Komutanlığı). Seller’s ID and the sketch or map taken from municipality(Title Deed Office asks from Municipality(Belediye) with a offical petition)where the property is in. Title Deed Office informs the Seller and Buyer when answer comes from Municipality via mobile phone with a text message(SMS).Seller applies Title Deed Office with ‘Certificate of Permission of Selling’ comes from Aegean Army Command. After handling the formalities and paperworks, Title Deed Transfer(Tapu Devri) is made under supervising of a sworn translator speaking the language of the Buyer. Even if the seller is a foreigner, is a sworn translator supervises the Seller too.

Buyer and seller can give a letter of attorney to a third part person under the witnessing of a notary under the supervising of a sworn translator.