How to buy Property in Turkey!

Buying property in Turkey is a very easy and stress free process. 

It may involve going from one place to another to get the registration of your TAPU (title deed) completed but you will find its a structural process and won't take too much time to complete!

For investors from Arabic countries and Russian Citizens all you need is a Turkish Tax File Number, A Copy and Translation of your Passport, 2 Photos and a Turkish Sim Card to recieve the message from the TAPU office on time of Rendevous and Title Deed Transaction of Agreement. 

This transaction of agreement will require the presence of the buyer and seller at the TAPU office where an office official will witness the signing of sales and purchase contract from the buyer and seller. 

Once both parties of the contract sign the agreement and witnessed by an office official, the Title Deed will be prepared for the buyer and handed in within the hour. 

Easy and simply done!