How to buy Land in Turkey?

Buying Land in Turkey is slightly a different process to buying an apartment or villa. 

Land sales in Turkey are defined in two types.

1) Land is divided into the following zones; city centre zonings, village zonings and town zonings. Foreigners can request to purchase a plot size on each individual tiled zoning. In this purchase, the approval of the local army must be attained prior to purchase and signover of TAPU to the buyer. This is to ensure security of locality and land location prior to its purchase. There is a strict clause on Land purchase cause and reason prior to any land purchase considerations. 

2) Field Land; this type of land purchase is based on buying land under a company name in which a Turkish registered company must be the Title signatory of the land signover. This implies that the Land purchase and Land uses will operate under the company name and serve the company's purpose and function. 

Asides from gaining the army approval and alocating suitable land zoning according to purpose, buying land in Turkey is a simple process and straight forward when lodging Deed applications at the TAPU office. (Land purchase and Title Deed Registration can take up to 45 days to process)