How I Can Buy Land? Is It Same Prosedure Like Apartment?

Land sales in Turkey are defined in two types.

  • Arsa = land : In city center, villages and towns the zoning plan, the construction of the plant is ready to be made on the zoning plan. Foreigners can take the tile on them. if there is no foreigner sale in another plot on the same city block, then it should be taken from the Command of the Ege Army. It takes about 1 month. We do it for you.
  • Tarla = field : Suitable for agriculture and land allocated for agriculture. Foreigners can’t own this type lands as a personaly. They need a open the company in Turkey. And buy it on company name. Open a company take a max 3 weeks after that company be active. A permissition necessary from governorship for title deed. It is take proximately 45 days.