Title Deed Procedures

Turkey is in great demand in International Real Estate Business as one of the most attractive investment areas. Turkey's special position of world geography and intensively perceiving natural beauties, with the lure of the human and economic terms, the integration with the global economy, convenience brought by the new legislation and regulations, relations with the European Union are the first causes of this interest.

Considerable numbers of buyers from Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Arab's...

27-09-2017 ABOUT ALANYA


     Alanya is a fast growing town about 135 km east of Antalya. Quite often called the pearl of the Turkish Riviera, Alanya has become well known world wide because of its sandy, clean beaches, the crystal clear, deep blue waters and the excellent climate of the Mediterranean area.
Its historical development, numerous sights of natural beauty and its multicultural life style have made Alanya into something really special. Lots of different types of water sports are on offer, and its picturesque...

27-09-2017 ABOUT ANTALYA


Antalya, the Turkish Riviera is the most stunning part of Turkey's Mediterranean coast. It is typical of Turkey, a thriving modern city, with a historic heart in the centre of Kaleiçi within the old city walls. This area has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, with many of the wooden Ottoman mansions being restored and turned into boutique hotels. No cars are allowed in the narrow streets of the old town so it is a good place to soak up the atmosp...

27-09-2017 DID YOU KNOW ?

* The only city in the world located on two continents is Istanbul, which has been the capital of three great empires, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman for more than 2,000 years.

* The world’s oldest known settlement is in Catalhoyuk in central Anatolia, Turkey, and dates back to 6,500 BC 

* St Nicolas – the original Santa Claus – was born in Patara in Turkey and has a church dedicated to him in Demre.

* Virgin Mary spent her last days in Selcuk, İzmir, near the ancient city of Ephesus.

* Leonardo da Vinci drew designs for a bridge over the G...

Can I Buy Apartment From Turkey? How I Can Do?

Yes all Arab Country citizens, Rusians And Europ citizens can buy proporty from Turkey. In the first place we get you the tax number from Turkey. For Tapu (title deed) the dealer need to get  your passport, tax number, and 2 pic for application. The transaction is concluded within 1 day or 2 days. Title deed Office give the appointment to  buyer and seller at the same time. The cost of the title deed is paid to the bank before the appointment time. The buyer and the seller sign the papers / sale transaction with the translator in the title deed office at the same time.


How I Can Buy Land? Is It Same Prosedure Like Apartment?

Land sales in Turkey are defined in two types.

  • Arsa = land : In city center, villages and towns the zoning plan, the construction of the plant is ready to be made on the zoning plan. Foreigners can take the tile on them. if there is no foreigner sale in another plot on the same city block, then it should be taken from the Command of the Ege Army. It takes about 1 month. We do it for you.
  • Tarla = field : Suitable for agriculture and land allocated for agriculture. Foreigners can’t own this type lands as a personaly. They need a open the company in Turkey. And buy i...

How I Can Open Busines?

There is no difference to open a business for a company or a person. Alanya Municipality has brought the condition of square meters to open the business place. The rental agreement wıll be performed after shope found. Necessary official documents and permits are obtained.

Can My Kids Go Goverment Schole In Turkey? How?

Yes, as foreigner kids can go to school to in Turkey. They can go to private schools and they can go to state school too if they want. Please contact us for more and updated information.

12-01-2018 Can I Buy Car? How?
Can I Buy Car? How?

Yes you can buy new and second hand car in turkey. Only you need your pasport and tax number.

Can I Sale My Staff When I Want And If I Die Can My Family Have Them?

You can sell all properties you have in turkey at any time. If you die you inherit your children and your partner.

Can I Work In Turkey?

Yes you can work but one of the company need a make work permission for you.

How I Can Get Ikamet? Can I Register My Family If Only I Own Apartment?

Yes you can get a residence. Your wife and family can get with you. A marriage certificate and a birth certificate for children are required.

How I Get Stizenship?

After 5 years from first aplication time you can apply for stizen ship. But this ruls can be change please follow update news.

12-01-2018 ReSale Apartments?
ReSale Apartments?

Prices of second-hand apartments can be affordable. Therefore it is sold very quickly. Here are just examples. Please contact our office to find out what's up to date. Let us know what you are looking for.


Second hands apartment in Oba

1+1 start from ;  30.000€ to up

2+1 start from ; 39.000 € to up

3+1 start from ; 49.000 € to up

Villa from         ; 80.000 € to up


Second hands apartment in Cikcilli

 1+1 start from ;  35.000€ to up

2+1 start from ; 40.000 € to up

Villa from         ; 130.000 € to up


Second hands apartment in Tosmur

1+1 start from ;  28...