Buggy safari in Alanya is an action, adrenaline, extreme tour of the world. Vehicles can be used for one or two people. Test These safari machines are easily manageable, they have a lot of driving experience. You can drive either a single car or double vehicle. Relaxing or swimming breaks.

The Buggy safari trip is a fascinating trip. The river in the Taurus Mountains. Buggy safari in Alanya is an activity of 7 years old till 77 years.

During your holiday, this joining is a great place to stay. Water Why should we use this program? All the buggies are new, all the buggies are new.

Buggy in Alanya during Buggy.

The Buggy Safari in Alanya is a precisely safe tour, which instructor will always be near you. If you want to go to Alanya, join our excursion - Alanya Buggy safari.

In addition, if you want, you can choose another similar extreme and fun trip, like a Quad bike in Alanya We recommend take sun glasses, sunblock cream, comfortable shoes, bandanna, as well as bathing suit, because during program are available stops for swimming too. Sun glasses, bandanna, personal needs also, you can buy there.

Alanya Tours travel agency organizes Buggy safari activity twice a day: 1) morning, 2) afternoon. Morning program starts by picking customers up from hotels, continues till lunchtime. The second program starts after lunch, continues four hours. So that, during your Turkey holiday don't lost your chance.

Enjoy your holiday with us