Alanya Sapadere Canyon tour is a daily nature and fun tour.Mediterranean region's charming green paradise, Sapadere Village, is situated about 40 km away from Alanya.Sapadere is an area where you can see all shades of green and is one of the most untouched spots with some of the richest flora and fauna in the region.Alanya Sapadere Canyon area gives great pleasure to the human spirit to admire the green scenery as well as the smoking Taurus mountain range with snow on its peaks heading to the sky.

Alanya Sapadere Canyon is 360 meters long and located 3 km away from Sapadere Village.The sapadere Canyon is formed by erosion from water, ice, and wind.The layers of rock were formed over thousands of years.Wooden walkways make for easy access for all visitors.You will be amazed by the rapidly gushing water over series of rock steps, the numerous waterfalls, rare plants and different species of animals and birds when walking through this natural habitat.The clean, fresh air and cascading turquoise water over the rocks is therapeutic and refreshing on the human spirit...after all, don’t forget that water means life!

At the end of the pathway, 300 meters inside Sapadere canyon's entrance, you will find the most spectacular point; the marvelous waterfall.This is a popular spot for visitors to take photos and it is also possible to swim in the natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall.The brave can reach the water by jumping (not recommended!) or using the surrounding step-ladders to enjoy the refreshing water.We really mean refreshing as the water barely reaches 12°C even in the peak of the summer.Sapadere village's mosque, Nomadic Village cafe where you can taste Turkish pizza (Gözleme) and Dwarves Cave are also Places to see in our Alanya Sapadere Canyon tour program. For much more information and details, you can visit our partner website