Alanya paragliding tour is an exciting and full adrenalin flight by our experienced paragliding pilots from 700 meters high Yassı Tepe hill (on Taurus mountain) to world-famous Cleopatra beach.After picking you up from your hotel to our paragliding station in Alanya, We will drive you up to flight location on the mountain by our 4x4 jeep.It takes about 20 minutes.Firstly; You will be informed about the flight, safety, and paragliding.Then after few steps, the amazing journey will start.Alanya Paragliding tour offers you a great, unforgettable experience which you will feel yourself like a free bird in the Alanya's sky with its great Mediterranean beach and castle view.Paragliding flights in Alanya take place in the 700 meters and last about 20 minutes depending on the weather conditions which contribute to the thermal lift.Landing is on the famous Cleopatra Beach.Paragliding can be made easily by everybody who wishes to flight without having any former experience.Paragliding is an extremely safe sport when done by the assistance of well-trained and experienced pilots.Our equipment used for paragliding consists of latest technology products and our pilots have internationally valid licenses.We invite you to Alanya Tandem paragliding tour in order to enjoy watching beauties of Alanya from the sky..