The Fire of Anatolia is a synthesis of hundreds of folk dance figures and music from different regions.The performance taking its source from ancient mythology and cultural history aims to introduce the world to the fire that arises from the ancient mosaic of love, cultural history, and peace in Anatolia.The Fire of Anatolia, which brings the rich culture of Anatolia and the magic of dance on the same scene in a magnificent style was performed in about 93 countries and has reached over 35 million people both in foreign countries and homeland since their debut on May 3, 2001.Every year...


Alanya Waterplanet Aquapark is one of the biggest waterparks in Alanya and Antalya regions covering approximately 6500 m2 and having 2000 people of daily capacity.It is about 40 km from Alanya city center and has 24 different slides,7 pools,wave pool,water football,bungee jumping from 70 meters high,disco,restaurant,children pools,rafting on 300 meters course with artificial waves,terrace for enjoying the sun and sea view,showers,changing rooms,free safe,health care,kid animations and many more,all day a lots of fun and adventure...


Aspendos, Side and Manavagat waterfall tour from Alanya introduces you to the most important archeological highlights of southern Turkey and a beautiful waterfall river all located near Alanya.Our tour starts with a visit to the world-famous ancient Greco-Roman amphitheater of Aspendos (2.AD) which is one of the best-preserved theater of antiquity, with a seating capacity for 15,000.It is still in use and some performances, operas, bales have been taken place in its great acoustic.

Then continuing with Side; was a Roman port, It is now a modern town that’s dotted with ruins.It dat...


Alanya boat (yacht) tour is the best and the most popular way to discover Alanya's beautiful coastline.Our boat leaves about 10:00 o'clock from Alanya's harbor near the red tower and shipyard.After, we will see the sea caves located around the Alanya castle called pirates, lovers, phosphorous and devils.You can swim around the caves and see them.After that, our boat will pass by near Cleopatra's beach.We have a break near sandy, clean and quite Ulas beach where is about 7 km from city center.During our Alanya boat tour, animation team and music will offer you very entertaining and fun...

12-01-2019 DIMÇAYI

A perfect place to cool yourself down one day away from the sea. Dimcay (translated as Dim River but often refered to as Dimcay River by foreigners by mistake) is a river flowing until the coast from the Taurus Mountains.

The river has played a big role in Alanya agriculture development in the past, nowadays it is mostly a favorite relax and picnic place with countless restaurants and attractions along the river. Local people love to come to Dimcay on Sundays for fishing, resting and BBQ.

The water of the river is always cool even though the coastal temperature is over 30 de...

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